Property Insurance Policies That Protect Your Property With Premiums That Don't Soak Up All Of Your Returns!

Protecting your property investments (whether your own home or an outright investment property) is absolutely critical to making sure you get the return on investment that you deserve.

Without the right insurance policies, your hard-earned property investment can literally go up in smoke.

And it's not just having insurance that is important, it's having the right type of insurance policy...

You need to know:

  • Whether your policy covers "replacement value" or "market value" - if it's only "market value", you could end up with a huge shortfall.
  • How long does your policy last if you have to find a place to live while rebuilding?
  • Will your policy pay for damage by your tenants?
  • Will your contents cover ACTUALLY be enough to pay for a new kitchen and bathroom, including all the extras?
  • What happens to your mortgage if you and tenants are unable to cover the repayments?
  • What happens if your tenants stop paying rent?

What you really DON'T want is to have to pay over the odds for an investment that should be building your equity. Accidents happen. Smart investors have already protected themselves against these eventualities and have adequate cover.

What's more... your premiums should be only a very small amount and protect you against all necessary risks.

That's what smart investors understand - it's all about managing risk to ensure future prosperity.

You need to make sure you're covered PROPERLY.

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At LifeFirst Insurance, we follow a philosophy of matching our clients to the policies that suit YOUR individual needs. And that's why we retain 100% of our clients. Once you've spoken to us, you'll never want to deal with anyone else...

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To YOUR Prosperity,

Vaughan Atkin
Authorised Financial Adviser
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