Frequently Asked Questions

Ask yourself - Can I afford not to have it? How much do I care about financial security?

When we work with people, families or businesses and we can usually find ways to save enough to cover the premiums, which can be very low. You'll be surprised what you can get. But also, it isn't so much whether you can afford insurance that is important, but whether you can afford NOT to have insurance. If you're not sure, check out some of our insurance horror stories - people who weren't insured and ended up financially ruined.

Here are a few statistics to give you an overview of what insurers have to deal with:

  • According to a survey of New Zealand general insurers undertaken by the Insurance Council, insurance fraud costs New Zealanders a conservative $62 million annually, or $62 per household.
  • More than 15 percent of all claims probably have an element of fraud associated with them. Contents and travel insurance policies are the most attractive targets for fraud, with health and motor insurance following closely behind.
  • It is estimated that non-disclosure is represented in 20% of policies underwritten.

So basically when insurers are hard at claim time, it is actually helping to keep the cost of our premiums down by eliminating non compliant claims.

In short, if you have a legitimate policy with no non disclosure and no fraudulent activity and insurable event occurs you will be paid out! By using an expert adviser you have the best chance of having a legitimate policy and therefore getting your payout!

Why not get great advice and service for the same cost? Online, you don’t get advice, service or an advocate to help you at claim time. The fact is: insurance policies are not easy to understand, let alone knowing what benefits to have within them and the amount needed and so on… Having an accurate insurance plan is not a set and forget process. As your circumstances change so do your needs. We often don’t even realise when our circumstances change. People who don’t use an expert adviser more often than not end up with too much or too little and problems at claim time.

Generally speaking insurance underwriters want to give you cover. We are only human and often if people have existing ailments or have had previous history of health problems the policy may simply exclude those problem areas or you may just have to pay a higher premium. The only way to find out is to go through the underwriting process and you have higher chance of putting forward a strong case by using an expert adviser. You shouldn’t put yourself at risk of not having cover against thousands of possibilities just because something has already occurred!

Firstly, the only times you are wasting money paying for insurance is if you have the wrong type/amount of insurance or you have not disclosed everything you should have to the insurer to get a claim paid. Secondly, be very careful who you take advice from. Are the people telling you this comfortable to put their name behind their advice and guarantee you will not need it? More importantly, will they be there if the worst happens? Don’t let someone’s passing comments ruin your financial stability. By getting professional advice you are put in a position to understand your risks and make an educated decision.