About LifeFirst Insurance

Insurance can be confusing - what are you covered for and what you aren't can make an enormous difference to your financial wellbeing. The wording of various policies is not always clear, and often we don't actually know what we've signed up for when we're at the bank (ticking a box for contents insurance, for example, while filling out a loan application).

This is exactly why LifeFirst Insurance exists. To make insurance:

  • More cost-competitive so you aren't getting ripped off

  • Easier to understand, so you know exactly what you're covered for and what you NEED to be covered for (so many people we talk to have insurance policies that are either inadequate or unnecessary - it's money down the drain)

  • Better at protecting your assets - we make sure your policies are watertight and not full of loopholes insurers can use to escape paying out the policy

  • Be able to take care of your family and loved ones if you can't...

And you need intelligent, well-researched insurance advisors that put your needs first. Our team meticulously researches the insurance options, making sure we can tailor the policies to your needs (not generic policies that can be very hit-and-miss).

It's our intelligent, tailored approach that sets us apart from our competitors - and the great rates.

It's what LifeFirst Insurance is all about - putting your needs first... ahead of the everything else.

If you'd like to find out more about how any of our insurance policies could potentially save you hundreds of thousands and provide for your family if necessary, you really need to give us a call on 0800 168 768 or email us at info@lifefirst.co.nz

To YOUR Prosperity,

Vaughan Atkin
Authorised Financial Adviser
LifeFirst Insurance