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Keep Your Assets Safe and Your Family Secure With Better Insurance Cover: LifeFirst Insurance

What's better than building a wealthy investment portfolio? Keeping it!

And that means knowing that you have the right insurances in place to ensure your assets are well protected and your family will be well looked after if you're not in a position to look after them yourself.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive house and contents policy to protect your property investments, or your family home, or are wanting to insure yourself against potential income-limiting misfortunes... NEED a policy that is: cheap, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive.

WARNING: Many insurance policies do NOT actually respond in cases where they were expected to by the insurance purchasers - especially if it's an 'add on' product on a loan. If you want to avoid one of these 'delightful misunderstandings' that leaves you unprotected (when you thought you were) and can potentially cost you $100,000s, you definitely need to get in touch with us.

In fact, if you'd simply like us to review your existing policies and make sure that you are covered adequately (and understand exactly how), give us a call on 0800 168 768 or contact us here. There's no obligation - we're simply here to make sure your current policies will respond in the case of a claim!

Successful investors know that managing risk is an essential part of building wealth for the long term. And that's exactly what insurance does. It manages the risk of unforeseeable misfortunate and protects you against it.

What's more, it lets you sleep at night, knowing that your family is properly protected in the event of any accidents.

It's our free service to you!

Click here if you want more comprehensive and cheaper health or life insurance so your family will be well looked after if you're no longer able to.

Click here if you want to make sure your properties have all appropriate cover and your investment won't go up in flames.

Despite the fact that insurance is one of the least exciting things to organise, understanding exactly what you're covered for can mean the difference between saving hundreds of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned wealth... and NOT!

If you'd like to get in touch, call us on 0800 168 768 or email us at

To YOUR Prosperity,

Vaughan Atkin
Authorised Financial Adviser
LifeFirst Insurance